Feb 6, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Nets point guard Jordan Farmar (2) drives to the basket against Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler (21) at the Prudential Center. Chicago Bulls defeat the New Jersey Nets 108-87. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Jordan Farmar Estimates Giving Up $5-$10 Million To Leave Turkey

Well if you haven’t heard, Jordan Farmar is back in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. As a Lakers fan, I am pretty happy about this signing.

But looking at what Farmar gave up just to come back to the NBA, had me confused. Farmar who signed a 1 year deal with Lakers last week after they coughed up around $500,000 to help him buy out his Turkish contract.

Seriously, $5-$10 million? That is a ridiculous amount. I mean, I know he wants to win another championship, trust me, I want Kobe to win his 6th and the Lakers to have their 17th NBA title, but man oh man is that a lot of money.

Jordan Farmar said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times -

“I just really wanted to make a sacrifice to be here. Not everyone is able to call the Lakers up and they take you. I thought it was important to do my part to make that happen. If that was sacrificing some dollars today, it was worth it to me.”

Well Jordan, you made that sacrifice, even though it was a heavy financial sacrifice. But as long as he is happy to be back in Los Angeles, in a Lakers uniform, then I’m pretty happy. I’m sure I’m not the only Lakers fan who is happy that Farmar is back.

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  • Chris Steiner

    start and make 5+ mil or come off the bench for 4+ million less. What is he thinking?