Jul 16, 2013; Flushing, NY, USA; American League infielder Dustin Pedroia (15) of the Boston Red Sox tosses the ball to first base in the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox and Dustin Pedroia contract talks impacted by Yankees' Robinson Cano?

It’s no secret the Boston Red Sox are going to have to find a way to extend the contract of star  Dustin Pedroia sooner rather than later. That’s even more true now that the New York Yankees and Robinson Cano are going to have to figure something out as well.

The problem for Boston is simple. Cano is going to make massive money, either from the market or from New York. His recent injury issues may not have an impact on that factor.

Should Cano see major money, it’ll set the baseline for Pedroia and his reps, both of which could demand even more. Tim Britton of the Providence Journal has more details:

From Pedroia’s standpoint, the motivation to extend his contract now would be to get out of his current, team-friendly deal to land something more lucrative and longer-term while in his prime. He owns more leverage now as a 29-year-old in the midst of arguably his best season than he likely will as a 31-year-old hitting the market in 2015.

As you can see, Pedroia wants an extension soon. The time is now for the Red Sox to start worrying about Cano’s contract and how it could impact Pedroia’s.

The time is now for Boston to jump on this opportunity. It could end up saving the club a ton of cash.


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