Los Angeles Clippers J.J. Redick had abortion contract with former girlfriend?

Jul 10, 2013; Playa Vista, CA, USA; L-R: Los Angeles Clippers guard J.J. Redick poses for a photo at today

It’s been an interesting few months for J.J. Redick.

After spending six and a half seasons as a member of the Orlando Magic, the former Duke star was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. That relationship didn’t work out so well and Redick was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers about a month ago.

Questionable relationships aren’t exactly new to Redick apparently as MediaTakeOut has uncovered one of the strangest documents you’ll ever come across.

Apparently, when Redick was a rookie in 2007, he and his then girlfriend (well known NBA lady friend Vanessa Lopez) had an abortion contract drawn up stating that Redick had to agree to maintain his relationship with Lopez if an abortion was to go though. He’d also pay her $25,000 bucks.

Yeah. You read that right. But just to be sure, read it again – I’ll wait.

Lopez is no stranger to the NBA spotlight as she’s been in legal battles with both Kenyon Martin and Shaquille O’Neal. Why NBA players continue to ‘date’ from the same pool, I have no idea.

You can read the full legal report on MediaTakeOut’s website but here are the juicy bits:

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