Apr 5, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Toronto Raptors small forward Rudy Gay (22) looks on in the first half against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Raptors Rudy Gay says poor vision problems are fixed

The Toronto Raptors took a big chance when they acquired Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies during this past seasons trade deadline.

Gay played relatively well for the Raptors, at least offensively, improving both his scoring output and his field goal percentage during his 33 games north of the border while playing two minutes less per game.

Still, a career 45% shooter, Gay’s sub-par shooting became a problem and that lead to the former UConn product to admit he was suffering from vision problems. The vision problems were so bad that he struggled to get his license.

Per Slam.com:

“I did have vision problems,” Gay confesses, sitting up on the trainer’s table after Gray finishes stretching out his muscles. “Actually, it was terrible. I could hardly get my license.” The National Post reported that he refused to wear the contact lenses he desperately needed, which was correct: “I have a stigma about that stuff—I can’t put anything up my nose and I can’t touch my eyes. I think that just comes from me growing up seeing people on drugs—I got over my stigma of needles, but I couldn’t do any of that other stuff. I couldn’t wear contacts. I wore glasses, sometimes.”

Thankfully, Gay had an operation to correct the problems and he is hopeful that his improved vision, which apparently took quite a while to heal, will help improve his shooting going forward.

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