Chicago Cubs may build a party deck at new Wrigley Field? (Photo)

Yesterday, the Chicago City Council unanimously approved the Cubs plan to retrofit Wrigley Field.

While the stadium itself will obviously be upgraded, the Cubs are also expected to build a few new projects outside of the park like a pedestrian bridge over Sheffield Avenue among other helpful things which will clear up congestion in the relatively residential area.

Their were reports that the famed ‘rooftops’ across the street from Wrigley (which are not part of the Cubs’ ticket operations) weren’t exactly thrilled with the potential new changes as there is fear the Cubs would either not renew their current contract once the new amenities were built or freeze them out completely. However, it appears some of the rooftop bars and restaurants are thrilled with the new ideas, especially the “party deck” which is more eloquently being referred to as a ‘patio’.


Serena Dai passed along a rendering that the rooftops suggested for the right field Wrigley patio.  It would appear that Sheffield is going to be completely covered up, and it’s not entirely clear which part of the patio will extend towards the Addison CTA platform.  I think my first impression is that I like it, but I’ll have to see other angles.  Also, if the rooftops are in favor of something like this, maybe it will actually get done as opposed to the Clark Street bridge (which also made sense to me, but Chicago…)

The ‘party deck’ would essentially allow the rooftop’s to stay in business as it would make sure the view would not be obstructed, thus, the excitement from the rooftops across the street.

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