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Michael Irvin thinks Dez Bryant can get 2,000 yards

ESPN Dallas writer Tim MacMahon caught up with Michael Irvin and asked him about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant who is trying to fill his shoes. Dez has improved incredibly especially after a dominating second half of the season last year. That has led Dez Bryant to set his sights on 2,000 yards receiving.

That would be an NFL record.

MacMahon asked Irvin if it’s “crazy to talk about 2,000 yards” for Dez Bryant.

“Absolutely not,” Irvin said. “Not for a guy with his talent, that physically gifted. He’s so physically gifted it’s incredible. He can absolutely do that.”

Michael Irvin said his game was comprised of ‘teachable things’ he mastered. Dez however is physically gifted according to Irvin, and he wishes he had been blessed with talent like Bryant‘s. It’s the combination of that talent and the things he is learning that will help Bryant continue to grow.

“He’s learning how to do more little things now. That means that, ‘I know I can run by you any time I want you, but let me make sure I spend time running this in route, that out route to set you up later to run by you.’ That’s the difference between 1,500 yards – or 1,392 yards – and 2,000 yards. It’s the difference, and it’s not a difference that’s really shoulders down. It’s a difference that’s shoulders up. It’s your thinking, not your physical gift.

“He has it physically. When he put it all together with what he does mentally, then he becomes an explosive player, because a lot of the little plays with his ability can always be big plays.”

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  • jayhwk01

    As a Big 12 guy I have been watching Dez Bryant since he was a freshman at Oklahoma State and was thrilled when he became a Cowboy. The problem with Dez has always been and remains lack of concentration and fire that I thought made Michael Irvin so great. His athletic ability is off the charts and he can make the spectacular play with the best. The problem as I see it is he had never understood that 3rd and 3 with a three point lead is sometimes as important or more important than catching the 45 yard bomb and because of that he just has too many drops. Coming into year 5 I hope he has it “figured” out because he certainly has the tools.