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Cheetah tried to get closer to Chris Johnson

We saw Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson race a horse and now Devin Hester and Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson raced a Cheetah. It sounds crazy to try and race a cheetah, a wild predator but Johnson didn’t think so.

“I didn’t think it was crazy,” the Titans running back said Friday, via the Tennessean. “I thought it was something fun to do, just to test human vs. animal.”

There was a fence separating the two. In a test run however the cat hurdled the fence so they had to make it higher.

“The crazy thing is when they first set it up and they did a test run before we got there, the cheetah actually jumped over the barrier,” Johnson said. “So they had to make it higher.”

They motivated big cat to run like they do at dog races according to Johnson. Apparently the cat was trash talking him to.

“It stared me down and walked back and forth,” Johnson said.

Johnson isn’t even telling his teammates how it turned out, telling them they’ll have to wait like everyone else.

“They don’t believe me,” said Johnson, who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.24 seconds at the 2008 NFL Combine. “I tell them like I tell everybody — they have to wait until November to see it on TV.”

Not everyone is willing to do it though.

“If my man said he raced a cheetah, he raced a cheetah, you feel me? If he said beat the cheetah, he beat the cheetah, you feel me? Point blank. Period,” Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt said. “Am I ready to race a cheetah? No way.”

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