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Monte Kiffin has coached DeMarcus Ware before

Monte Kiffin has come in to Dallas to revamp the Cowboys defense and is installing the 4-3. One of the biggest transitions will be for Ware going from outside linebacker to defensive end. But Kiffin has coached defensive end Ware before.

The setting for Kiffin’s take is the 2005 Senior Bowl. Kiffin is still coaching for Tampa Bay and was coaching on of the All-Star squads.

“One time, I’m coaching the defensive line and there was this guy in the roped-off area watching him practice, and DeMarcus had his hand down rushing,” Kiffin said, via ESPN Dallas. “This guy walked up — and this is a guy I knew way back in college — and he said, ‘Do you mind just standing him up for a couple of rushes?’

“It was Bill Parcells.”

Of course as we know now, Bill Parcells drafted DeMarcus Ware with the 11th overall pick of the 2005 draft and moved him from defensive end to outside linebacker as he installed the 3-4 in Dallas. The Cowboys haven’t regretted drafting DeMarcus Ware as he has evolved into one of the NFL’s most dominant pass rushers.

Kiffin isn’t worried about moving Ware back to end in the 4-3 scheme, he’s coached him there before.

“He is what he is,” Kiffin said, “and it’s not a surprise to anybody right now. He’s a special athlete … He’s good at both. He’s a 3-4 backer. He can put his hand down. He can come off the edge. No doubt. He did that way back in college. He can do it.”

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