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Johnny Manziel’s image takes another hit after being photographed with bong (Photo)

Another day and another Johnny Manziel misstep. The Texas A&M Aggies quarterback was recently seen being kicked out of a frat party after having beer dumped on him, wearing a Tim Tebow jersey and now photographed with drug paraphernalia. In the most recent image that surfaced, Manziel can be seen reaching out for a bong. The good news is that he was not actually photographed smoking, no one can say for certain that he inhaled.

Here is the image that shows what looks to be Johnny Football reaching for a bong with a lighter in his other hand:

That is three Johnny Manziel sightings in less than 24 hours, so we know that people are just out to get him at this point, but let’s not deflect all of the blame.

Sure, the media is guilty of blowing these stories up and passing along the images, but it does fall on Manziel as well. He knows that in today’s day and age everyone has a cell phone and the ability to take photos or videos and immediately toss the images up on social media. It may be unfortunate for a kid that is just trying to enjoy college, but that is what you should expect when you are a Heisman winning quarterback and one of the brightest stars in college football.

In the end, it’s just Johnny Football being Johnny Football, but that will eventually catch up to him and the NFL scouts will surely do some deep digging to see whether he is mature enough to handle the pressure of being in the NFL and being the face of a franchise.

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  • Brian Hinkel

    What a load of crap. We can’t be sure that’s a bong OR Manziel! You’re an asshole for writing this story.

    • Wdavis22

      Yes, It is Boyziel and that is a BONG!!!! Stop living in fairyland and accept the fact he is an idiot. I can guarantee he will not make it through College just like Tyrann at LSU.

  • Paul Leonardi

    and an ass for inferring that doing a bong hit is bad, fuck your drug war

    • Danny Bowen

      no one cares what a pothead thinks about drugs…

      • Paul Leonardi

        says the drunken bozo

  • Heisenberg

    Ass Hat!

  • Voodoofoxx

    His fifteen minutes are tick tick ticking away. Dude is a dumbass.

  • Jeff Keller

    I may not like Manziel but to clear all this up the SEC needs to drug test him

  • jdgrn01

    In the end it’s just Johnny Football being Johnny Football? WTF? Does that give him Carte Blanche’?
    How about, in the end, it’s another tragic story of an overrated college player failing to deal with their new found celebrity.
    If he’s not suspended by the beginning of the season I would be amazed.
    A and M will win maybe 8 games this year and everyone will know that he was just a flash in the pan with a few lucky plays to make him look good.

  • Matthew Nile

    Auburn Fan here dont give 2 fucks about Manziel but really guys mind your own business. Instead of ruining this dudes life why dont you try to improve your own go mind your own damn business and live YOUR life….jeez bunch of jock riders.

    • dabba

      No joke. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. What kind of losers get off on this kind of thing. Do you not have anything better to do than take embarrasing pics of someone and putting them on the internet?

  • Tyler Faust

    Lol that doesn’t look anything like Manziel. Good job Sanchez.

  • Bo_Rebel

    Holy crap this guy probably can’t take a dump without people trying to get pictures of him!


  • Daniel Kubicsek

    he has the same type of socks on he was wearing in the pic of him in the TEBOW jersey.. Guess that’s his SWAG!

  • Days_of_Noe

    Man, with friends like that…. I think I’d stay locked-up in my room.

  • robertloggia16

    The guy who posted this “majored in journalism”?!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahahahahah… I’m guessing he didn’t get his degree.