May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider doesn’t regret Percy Harvin signing

While Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin’s 2013 season may (or may not) be in doubt thanks to a hip injury, one person expressing no doubts about the less-than-ideal situation is the Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider.

Schneider acquired Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings back in March, giving up first-round, third-round, and seventh-round picks on top of giving Harvin a five-year extension worth $25.5 million guaranteed. That’s…a steep price for a guy with one hip. Schneider told USA Today that it was a move the team had to make, though:

Going into the offseason, we felt very good about our team and our core of players. The opportunity to acquire a guy like Percy was extremely unique for us. We had to. We had to do that.


We firmly believe that, just because we were aggressive making this move — and obviously he is an incredible talent — there’s a lot of talented guys. We like the talent on our football team. There’s a lot of talented players all throughout the National Football League. But like anybody always says, it’s never, ever about one player. It’s about the team (USA Today).

Harvin is a great all-purpose talent and Seahawks fans will certainly want to see him on the field this season. Perhaps he can bum some PEDs off his teammates to help with the recovery?

[Source: USA Today]

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  • skeletony

    Was going to send this yo your alleged email above but, as I suspected it is not a real email and nothing can be sent to that “”. Coward.

    Seattle was right at the average for the entire
    NFL as far as PED busts go. The problem was that a few writers early on
    did not bother to research their stories and so they counted players
    who were not even on our team as “Seattle players” busted for PEDs and
    also little things like John Moffit having had a prescription for
    Adderall which his agent failed to file the paperwork properly. You
    could have found this out yourself if you had done the research…but
    you did not.

    On top of that teams like the Colts have had MANY players busted for such
    things (and worse) in the last few months but no one seems eager to say
    anything about that.

    But the bottom line is that your attempt at insulting the whole team was
    not appropriate for the article you were supposed to be writing. It was
    an article about Percy Harvin’s injury and what the GM thought about the
    matter. No room there for snide remarks about PED or alleged PED use.

    A man would apologize and edit the juvenile comment out of the article.


  • wtdtan

    I’m pretty sure aderall (sp?) doesn’t fix a bum hip.

  • Hawkfan

    I agree with skeletony, If someone would do their homework, and actually chart the number of PEDs, DUIs, assault charges, murder etc and compare they would find Seattle near the bottom of infractions. In fact, only 1 this year. I can recall at least 3 players of other teams with infractions just this past week. That last sentence was uncalled for, irrelevant and juvenile. Lazy journalism at the best.