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John Madden doesn't understand why Colin Kaepernick was rated low in 2011 draft

John Madden apparently watched a lot of Nevada football games during the 2010 season. Former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick caught his eye.

“When I watched him, he had a strong arm,” Madden tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  ”You knew that.  There’s a thing where a guy doesn’t have a strong arm, or the guy’s too small, or he can’t run — Kaepernick could do all those things.”

He was surprised to find out that no one was seeing what he saw.

“I remember I said to [Raiders owner] Al [Davis],’What’s wrong with Kaepernick?’  And Al said,’Nothing.’  But I think Kaepernick was just under the radar.”

Davis might have listened because Kaepernick has said he thought the Oakland Raiders were drafting him.

“I always wondered, what was wrong with him?” Madden said.  ”Because I couldn’t see anything wrong. I just thought, there must be something wrong with him because he was never in play [among the top prospects].  Wherever the line was, he was next guy.”

Cam Newton was drafted that same year, so Kaepernick might not have been the #1 quarterback overall. With that said, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton were all drafted ahead of him. Dalton was selected by the Bengals right before the 49ers drafted Kaepernick.

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  • loverpoint

    I love Madden, but please John you say you were talking to Al Davis about QB’s. He took Jamarcus Russell
    Now comes all the Pundits that are all jumping on the Colin Kaepernick Band Wagon. The people at the NFL Network and ESPN made broad generalizations about him. I think they mentioned ” He needs a lot of work ”
    I remember talking to people at the Sports Illustrated Comment Boards back in 2010 during Kaepernicks senior year saying ” I hope the 49ers draft Kaepernick, I was also hoping they would fire Singletary and make an offer to Harbaugh ( that was also posted at the site ) I wanted him in the 1st round, but was glad when we got him in the 2nd, frankly I didn’t think Baalke had it in him to move up and get him. All the 49er fans were saying ” Colin Who? ” Only later on did we find out that it was Andrew Luck that pointed out Kaepernick to Harbaugh when they were at Stanford.
    I wonder if Harbaugh double checked with Roger Theder who was Kaepernick and Josh Johnsons QB Guru when they were in H.S.. Roger Theder pulled no punches when he said in 2012 ( when Harbaugh brought his old QB Johnson from San Diego into training to compete with Kaepernick ) Theder: ” Both Kaepernick and Johnson are better than Alex Smith, but Kaepernick is better than Johnson because of his intelligence and work ethic. Theder was right, the eventual winner was Kaepernick.