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NFL delivers overhaul of Pro Bowl; no more AFC vs. NFC match up

The changes have been discussed for quite some time, but now the NFL has finally completed an overhaul of the Pro Bowl that eliminates the AFC vs. NFC format and allows a fantasy draft to determine the teams. News of the new changes surfaced today.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter had the details:



You have to admit that the fantasy draft idea is a bit intriguing, but the lack of structure in the match up really takes away any little meaning the game did have.

While it wasn’t much, cheering for your favorite team’s conference to beat down the opposite side and gain bragging rights was the only bit of fun we could pull from the game. Now, we will just have to be satisfied seeing hula dancers and poor defense. Well, until they move the Pro Bowl from Hawaii and we are just stuck with poor defense.

What are your thoughts on the changes to the game? Sound off in the comments section and let your opinion be heard.

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