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Chicago Bears say there won't be any read-option

There were reports that the Chicago Bears were practicing some read-option plays and that they could be integrated into the Bears offensive scheme. When asked about how much read-option will be in the Bears 2013 offense, Jay Cutler set the record straight with a very blunt and matter of fact answer.

“None,” Cutler said, per

His head coach Marc Trestman is also denying the read-option rumors.

“No, we’re not going that way with this offense,” Trestman said.

However, if they wanted to, they could according to Marc Trestman.

“The thing about Jay on a read-option, Jay knows how to get down,” Trestman said about Cutler’s ability to slide or get out of bounds. “Jay knows how to play the position when he’s running out on the field.”

It is still doubtful that they’d run their quarterback a lot. It is even more doubtful that Jay Cutler would risk running a read-option in a contract year and face the potential risk of injury. There is too much risk and probably just not enough reward to make it a viable or regular part of their offensive schemes, which by the way offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said he’d never divulge.

He has rushed for 1,116 yards over 7 NFL seasons or an yearly average of 159.4 yards.

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