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Jones-Drew: Half of the guys drafted ahead of me work at Target

It isn’t uncommon for players who are passed up in the draft to feel “overlooked” and to play with a chip on their shoulders. Randy Moss tortured Cowboys fans as he always played well against a team that passed on him in the draft.

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew isn’t any different. Jones-Drew fell to late in the second round when the Jaguars finally drafted him. Since then, he has rushed for 7,268 yards over 7 NFL seasons and been a reliable back for the Jaguars.

Where are all those players that were drafted ahead of him? Jones-Drew has an idea.

“Half the guys drafted in front of me are working at Target right now,” Jones-Drew said, via Mark Long of the Associated Press.

It’s a interesting point. Vince Young and Matt Leinart were two that were drafted and haven’t lived up to their potential. Reggie Bush was drafted ahead of him and has only compiled 6,892 yards from scrimmage total, not just rushing, but rushing and receiving.

The Dallas Cowboys might have preferred him over linebacker Bobby Carpenter. The Patriots drafted Laurence Maroney instead of MJD. Joseph Addai was in that draft as well but hasn’t played since 2011 but went to a Pro Bowl and won a Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers drafted DeAngelo Williams who has been good but not MJD, he has 7,028 yards from scrimmage, less than MJD’s rushing total.

Maurice Jones-Drew has 9,827 yards from scrimmage by comparison.

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