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Steve Nash tries out for Inter Milan (Video)

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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash is a huge soccer fan. This week he got to take the pitch with one of Europe’s largest soccer clubs, Inter Milan. It was being called a “try out” but it sounds more like Nash just enjoying the perks of being a celebrity and a player on top of the NBA mountain with two MVP awards. In the video Nash simply says he gets a chance to “train with” Milan, not try out for.

He does have some skills though.

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“I got a chance to train with Inter Milan, one of the biggest soccer teams in the world. I’m nervous,” Nash says in the video. I can imagine what my teammates would be saying if one of these guys were walking into our practice.”

“The guys were amazing, they were giving me instructions and trying to find me, and pass the ball to me. That was above and beyond what I expected.”

“It’s not how I did it’s how it felt. And for me to experience this and play with these great players was a blast,” Nash said. “As a life long lover of these sports to get a chance to play with these great players with this great club is like a dream come true for me. An amazing day, I’ll never forget the opportunity to come out here, thanks to Guinness and practice with Inter Milan.

Nash has said before that he could’ve gone pro had he focused on soccer instead of basketball. We’ve seen his skills in heading the ball in a dunk competition before.

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