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New York Jets RB Chris Ivory could three-down back

The New York Jets are taking a leap of faith on former New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory. His career stats make you wonder if he can be a featured back, but that is more a result of a crowded New Orleans backfield than a lack of ability. The Jets however see Ivory as a three-d0wn back.

“I think with a back with that skill set, you definitely want to work toward that progression,” said assistant head coach Anthony Lynn, who is in charge of running backs. “So if you needed him out there for blocking purposes or receiving purposes, you could use him.”

“Ivory catches well,” Lynn said. “Just because they didn’t throw it to him doesn’t mean he can’t catch. . . . We’ll definitely use him. I don’t know if he’s dropped a ball since he’s been here. He’s showing nothing but natural hands.”

Chris Ivory agrees and says he has high expectations of himself.

“I have real high expectations,” Ivory told the Daily News. “Once I get out there, I’ll open some more eyes.”

Ivory thinks that it isn’t a challenge and he can be the type of player LeSean McCoy was under offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

“More of the progressions are designed to look at the back,” Lynn said of Mornhinweg’s offense.

“It’s not a challenge,” said Ivory. “I know I’m capable of it. Once I’m healthy, I know all those things will fall in place . . . and everybody will see the three-down back that I am.”


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