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Bill Parcells: Quincy Carter couldn’t fight pressure to succeed

Had Quincy Carter succeeded as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, there might not have ever been a Tony Romo. Carter was a second round pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 2001. After leading the Cowboys to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth he was released by the Cowboys in training camp.

According to Bill Parcells, the pressure was too much for Quincy Carter.

“I became pretty close with Quincy personally, and this kid had a lot of good qualities,” Parcells said, via Jean-Jacques Taylor of ESPN Dallas. “He was smart. He understood it. But I just couldn’t save his ass. I really couldn’t.

“You just didn’t have the time. There he is, he got his team in the playoffs, he’s the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s playing good, he’s improving, he can get out of trouble, he’s pretty smart, he can make almost every throw — and it’s just, some people just can’t fight the pressure to succeed.

“They just can’t fight it. It’s too much on them once the bar gets up a little bit. It’s too much. I don’t know all the problems or the demons exactly, but that’s what eventually took him down.”

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