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NFL to begin enforcing new bag policy at Hall Of Fame game

With people still on edge about the Boston Marathon bombings that happened this past April, businesses everywhere are stepping up their security. Whether its airlines or schools, or sports teams, everyone has become more cautious. The NFL is the newest addition to the list.

Beginning this weekend with the HOF game and induction, the NFL will put in place its clear bag policy. According to an article on the Associated Press,

The only bags that can be taken into game venues are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC that doesn’t exceed 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches, including one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags

NFL security director, Jeffrey Miller, has said that there will be more security at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, OH. He also mentioned that there will be plenty of acceptable bags that will be given out to fans and spectators as needed. Here are some of the other things he said in light of the new policy.

We encourage our fans not to bring any type of bags.


In light of recent events, the tragedy of the terrorist attack in Boston, we wanted to ensure anywhere we have large groups of fans that we know we have limited that type of situation with fans only using the approved kind of bags to create a safe environment and a buffer zone, if you will.


‘there will be some hiccups until fans become familiar with the policy’

Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as I for one like this new policy for a few reasons. This new policy was discussed around the Superbowl, well before the terrorists attacks. So this decision wan’t created because of the threat of danger, it was already talked about and approved by the league. I also think this will be able to speed things up as far as admittance to the games goes. Having to just look through a clear bag as opposed to rummaging through backpacks and clutch bags will make it simpler for the security team to do their job, keeping the fans safe.

You can find a full description of the new policy at

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