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NFL Hall of Fame 2013: Cris Carter's Speech (Video)

Dynamic Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter was inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame Saturday this night. He was a eight time Pro Bowler and was named an All-Pro three different times.

Carter was the last speech. He was full of energy despite being the last act late into the night.

As Carter thanked friends and familty and other people who mattered to him most in his life, including towns and communities, but punctuated the remarks with: “You’re going to the Hall of Fame with me!”

He apologized to Ohio State Buckeyes fans for being suspended and ineligible for his senior season. He thanked his head coach Buddy Ryan who gave him a shot by drafting him and then deciding to quote him a few seasons later. He shared a story in which his Ryan’s wife told him not to cut Cris because he will do something special.

“So Buddy Ryan and his wife, I thank you,” Carter said, “You’re going into the Hall with me tonight.”

Carter was born and raised in Ohio and played to the home crowd.

“Buckeye, Born and Bred, Now HOFer, even after I’m dead.”

Cris Carter on his career defining moment (he couldn’t remember a play but defined himself as a player):

“I catch the ball. You throw the ball, I catch it. You throw it close to me, I catch it. If you make me do something crazy to catch, I still catch it,” Carter said.

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