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NFL Hall of Fame 2013: Dave Robinson's Speech

Dave Robinson isn’t too well known outside of Wisconsin, where he played for the Green Bay Packers. He certainly wasn’t the headline of this year’s Hall of Fame class but he gave a touching speech.

“I have friends, family, and fans and everybody else that live just about 25 miles from here,” Robinson said. “But it took me 38 years to get here, and I tell you, I enjoyed every step of the way.”

Robinson soaked up every minute on stage. However, being inducted 38 years after his career ended comes with some sad moments. He was one of 9 siblings, but only one was alive to see him inducted. A lot of his teammates have passed as well.

“I don’t know if you caught it, but there’s been a lot of coaches in my life, and a lot of them have left here, so I don’t think anybody else wants to coach Dave Robinson. They don’t last long,” he said with a laugh. “There’s a lot of people looking down up there, my family and friends. And some of my friends may be looking up at me, but I just hope they’re all proud of me.”

Robinson hails from the Vince Lombardi era in Green Bay. In that time he says there was one other black woman in town besides his wife.

“There were rumors there was one black lady that lived in town, one in the whole city,” Robinson said. “I never met her. But the rumor was she was there. Yeah, I know. You’re thinking what I thought. She’s probably passing.”

Despite the wait, Robinson was thankful he made it into the Hall of Fame.

“I’m finally here. I’m here forever,” Robinson said. “I’m here now, they can’t get me out.”

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