Jul 31, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper (14) addresses the media concerning an internet video at the Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia mayor says Riley Cooper deserves more punishment

Michael A. Nutter, the mayor of Philadelphia, released a statement the other day regarding the video of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper yelling a racial slur at a country concert. Not surprisingly, Nutter condemned the deplorable act and said that a mere fine isn’t enough of a punishment.

Here are Nutter’s comments, via PFT:

I recognize that the private sector is very different than the public sector in terms of rules and procedures, but I would note that in our government, if an executive branch ‘at-will’ employee, somewhat similar to Mr. Cooper’s status with the Eagles, made such comments, I would insist on a suspension at a minimum and would seriously have to evaluate terminating such an individual from employment with the City.


This incident is a disgrace, and cannot be excused by just paying a fine, as if it were a parking ticket.

Nutter concluded with a strong message to Cooper:

It is my view that beyond any other punishment that could potentially result from this incident, Mr. Cooper must look deep in his heart to see how, beyond his personal public apology, he can repair the damage that he has caused to the Philadelphia community, and its relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL.

As was reported earlier, Cooper has been sent away from Philadelphia’s training camp in order to attend racial sensitivity training.

[Source: Pro Football Talk]


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  • meself

    So what would McNutter do if it were a Cop, fireman , DC 33 or DC 47 worker? I mean he couldn’t even that police LT who smacked the Woman down at a parade fired. Bold talk for a four-eye dumba–