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Gerald Henderson: It can only get better

Gerald Henderson turned heads when he decided to re-sign with the Charlotte Bobcats. In 4 seasons since he was drafted by the Bobcats they’ve gone 106-206, including a dismal 7-59 record in the lockout shortened 2011-12 season. He had the chance to bail and decided to stick it out and resolve some unfinished business.

“You go through anything tough and it’s easy to give up and say you want to move on or whatnot,” said Henderson, via ESPN. “As bad as it got, and I was part of the problem, it was kind of one of those things where you look at as it can only get better. With the pieces we’ve added we can find our way out of it.”

It hasn’t been all low points, they made it to the playoffs his rookie season. Henderson signed a three-year, $18 million deal last week with the Bobcats. The additions of Cody Zeller and Al Jefferson have Henderson looking forward to next season.

“I think with more attention on guys down low it frees up the perimeter a bunch,” Henderson said. “Any team with a good big man, you will see the guards get more freedom and have more open shots. With Al, teams are going to have to double team him so you have more chances for open shots.”

This has Henderson focusing on rounding out his game and role as a shooting guard by working on his three-point shot.

“That is kind of where the game is going,” Henderson said. “The 3-point line is where a lot of teams try to take advantage of it. That is something in my game where I want to take advantage of.”

“I know that is the direction our team is going,” Henderson said. “It’s always been my nature to get closer to the basket; I’ve always played like that. But as the game evolves, my game has to evolve too. And I’m working hard to improve that.”

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