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Mark Sanchez glad Antonio Cromartie stood up to booing New York Jets fans

When New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez threw an interception in a scrimmage the fans let him have it and the boos rained down. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie defended his quarterback calling it “bull crap” that fans boo their team.

“Hey, you’re preaching to the choir,” Sanchez told the Daily News. “You heard what Cromartie said. Cromartie was pissed. Cromartie’s like, ‘What are you talking about? You’re going to come here and boo? For what? Then don’t come.’ A lot of guys feel like that.”

It isn’t just Cromartie coming to Sanchez’s defense. Head coach Rex Ryan defended him saying that he wants all the players behind him.

“We want our fans behind us at all times,” Ryan said. “Obviously guys make mistakes. . .We don’t want our guys getting booed, especially from our fans because we all are in green and white, including our fans. This game’s tough enough . . . but we need to support each other.”

After that interception that drew the boos, Sanchez through a 57 yard touchdown practice to Stephen Hill that got cheered. When Sanchez goes to sign autographs (they want his signature, weren’t they booing him) he said all he heard was about the touchdown pass no one said anything about the interception.

“I throw the interception and people wanted to kick me out of the stadium,” Sanchez said. “I come back and throw the last pass, that’s all you hear when you’re signing autographs: ‘Hell of a pass, man! What a great throw! Great job!’ ”

Sanchez tried to explain his understanding of the fans booing.

“It’s not like they’re like, ‘Boo! You threw an interception and you’re a real jerk,’ ” Sanchez added. “It’s not like, ‘Boo! You’re a real a–hole. You’re a bad person. Boo! You speed down the highway, run red lights and punch old ladies.’ No . . . they’re booing because I made a bad play.”

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