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Jason Pierre-Paul: Returning in time for Dallas Cowboys game isn't important

The New York Giants opened their 2012 season and championship defense against divisional rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. The Tony Romo led squad shocked the Giants and upset the champions. In 2013, the Giants are opening up the season in Dallas this time around.

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is trying to recover from back surgery this offseason and get ready for the opener. Well at least that is what fans are hoping for, but to JPP returning by Week 1 isn’t that important.

“It’s not important to me at all,” Pierre-Paul said when the Newark Star-Ledger asked him how crucial the Week 1 return date is. “I already know that the d-line we have here is going to go out and get the job done. I’m very confident in Kiwi, Tuck, all of those guys getting the job done. That’s all it takes. They don’t really need me out there right now. I’m going to focus on my recovery. Everything will be alright.”

“I’m going to have to get a couple of practices in before, IF I decide to come back before the first game or whatever,” Pierre-Paul said. “I say this knowing I’m already going to be taking on two guys, a triple-team maybe, I’m not in a rush to hurry and come back to put myself in that position.”

JPP could take the easy way out and blame doctors, he won’t however.

“It’s not really the doctor’s decision,” Pierre-Paul said. “I say it’s not the doctor’s decision anymore because it’s basically on me. It all depends on my recovery and how my back feels and if I can go out there and practice with the team. But I’m going to have to get a couple practices in before, if, I decide to come back before the first game. I already know I’m going to be taking on two guys, double team, triple team maybe, so I’m not in a rush to come back and put myself in that position.”

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