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Detroit Lions rookie thought Lambeau Field was a car

The Detroit Lions are expecting big things from rookie defensive back Darius Slay. The rookie however still has a lot to learn about the league. According to a story from defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, via TheMMQB.com’s Robert Klemko, Slay didn’t understand what his teammates were talking about when discussing Lambeau Field.

“Lambo? Like the car?” a confused Slay asked.

Slay’s teammates were discussing the NFL’s most storied venues.

“I knew what a Lambo was, but I didn’t know it was Green Bay’s stadium” Slay told Klemko. “They said, ‘Man, that’s the stadium!’ I said, ‘Oh man . . .’ ”

In the south we say that someone is pretty after a comment like that. In the grand scheme of things that is the least of the Lions worries regarding Slay’s football knowledge. Cunningham insisted that while he might not know the stadiums names, he certainly knows football.

“If you talk to him about football, he was really well-coached,” Cunningham says. “This kid knew the game coming in. I kept quizzing him. He knew things that a lot of coaches don’t know.”

Second round draft pick, Slay, is recovering from a meniscus surgery. Slay does have the size, speed and athleticism the Lions secondary desperately needs.

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