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Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Boykin: New England Patriots tried to ‘bully us’

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are practicing together this week ahead of their preseason match up Friday night. The highlight of their joint practice might have been Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s performance.

Not everyone felt that way. Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin told reporters that he felt like the Patriots were trying to bully them.

“I can speak for the whole team. I felt like (Tuesday), honestly they came out with this attitude to try to bully us,” Boykin said, per Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. “And even though it’s practice, it’s always still a game tempo. I think as a team — and obviously I can speak for myself — I wanted to try to set the tone on myself as an aggressive person (Wednesday) and just make plays.”

The Patriots have been known to run an up-tempo offense and apparently were trying to run the tempo up on the Eagles in practice as well. That might add some validation to Boykin’s comments.

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  • Paul V. Suffriti

    What’s with the whining? Practice is for learning and experiencing conditions to become better……so what if they ran a fast paced offense, learn something and react to what it is… will make you a better player.

    • Lee Washington

      Nuff said.

  • unclealfie

    Here we’re seeing the result of the “everybody wins” liberal theme in education implemented over the past 10-15 years, nationwide, by liberals. Everyone gets a trophy and there are no losers.

    • Lee Washington

      Liberals ???? That is republican, rich folk, suburban,, keep our children from competing with others (Can’t beat the orientals at little league, don’t play against them),, Conservative thinking. We are rich, better than everyone else, and will not allow anything (especially the truth) to say otherwise to our spoiled,, drug addicted children. Liberals,,, yea right.

      • Ty

        well said Lee

    • Ty

      why are you such a used up old fuk? im 24 which puts me smack dab in the middle of your 10-15 year time frame. I wasn’t always a winner, I didn’t always get a trophy, and im liberal… looks to me you just a grumpy old misinformed biiiitch. so why don’t you get your facts straight before you make an azz of your self. your making everyone who reads your closed-minded comment dumber.

  • Teresa Ethridge