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Dallas Cowboys' Doug Free dominates George Selvie in practice

In the Hall of Fame game one of the highlights was Dallas Cowboys defensive end George Selvie blowing up a Miami Dolphins offensive tackle. The Cowboys are struggling with injuries along their defensive front and it was a bright sign for the Cowboys.

When you go up against a player considered to be one of the lesser talented offensive lineman on the roster, Doug Free, and get your butt whipped that sort of nullifies the HOF game play.

According to ex-NFL Scout Bryan Broaddus, that is exactly what happened according to an interview he had with the G-Bag Nation on KRLD-FM in Dallas. He does preface it by saying Selvie was playing on the other side of the line than where he usually plays.

From the Dallas Morning News:

“He got his ass kicked by Doug Free yesterday pretty good. I think the thing with George Selvie is he played on the left defensive end yesterday, and it didn’t look like it went very well for him. When he was getting all his rushes, he was playing the right defensive end, the open side defensive end. Doug Free went after him pretty good yesterday. Only when George Selvie moved inside, they ran a double eagle or a bear front where they cover both guards and the center, and it was only then that one time that George Selvie got some pressure on the guard.

But I thought overall, Doug Free did a nice job of playing run and pass against him. To me, George Selvie is one of those guys who shows up in practice. Again, he was playing the opposite side that he normally plays. I would say let’s get through these four games. If he is a guy that can be a rotational player, that can help them in that regard and he can make the 53-man roster then the pro guys did their job here.”

The good news is there are 4 more preseason games and a lot of practices for Selvie to recover.

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