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Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick ejected from practice

Tempers flaring in training camp is nothing out of the ordinary. We’ve seen fights break out at seemingly every camp, even the Dallas Cowboys camp in Oxnard when Ernie Sims and Lance Dunbar got into it.

Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick is the latest victim of this frustration.

Scandrick was trying to make a play when he collided with an official. The official braced himself for contact instead of trying to get out of the way.

“In frustration I kind of pushed him out of the way,” Scandrick said, via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “He just happened to be in my way.”

The official who got int he way wasn’t thrilled with the push and ejected Scandrick from practice. His reasoning being that he would’ve been ejected in a game as well.

Scandrick didn’t leave the practice entirely, he was seen later on the side line kneeling with a towel draped over his head.

“I just told him he can’t get too mad,” Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said. “Scandrick is a great player and he plays this game with a lot of emotion, so you just have to tell him to calm down. He has a quick temper, but he’s doing a great job for us. You just tell him to hold his temper, that’s about it.”

Scandrick doesn’t think his temper his something that needs to be addressed.

“It can’t happen,” Scandrick said. “Nobody needs to address it. I know what happens in this league and what can happen.”

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