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Jason Garrett doesn't know what all the Brody from Homeland talk is all about

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was interviewed by ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez on SportsCenter. Aside from a little talk about Tony Romo and him shouldering the brunt of the Cowboys lack of success on his shoulders, the interview took a weird turn.

During the Hall of Fame game people in the Twitterverse were comparing Garrett to Brody from Homeland. Dominguez asked Garrett if he was aware of the comparison, via Pro Football Talk.

Dominguez: “People on Twitter are talking about you. And so during the Hall of Fame Game people were talking about you. And do you know what they were saying?”

Garrett: “I have no idea.”

Dominguez: “This is what they were talking about: How much you look like Brody on Homeland.”

Garrett tried to brush off the questions and suggested that redheads are often told they look alike.

“Oh, come on! You look exactly like that guy,” Dominguez insisted.

The conversation didn’t end there…

“Do you watch Homeland?” and,“Have you ever been told you look like Brody on Homeland?” Dominguez asked.

She also tried to make Garrett grade how Brody would do as a football coach.

“For people who don’t watch, Brody is a good guy, but he’s also a bad guy,” Dominguez said. “So would good Brody do better coaching the Cowboys, or bad Brody?”

For the record, Garrett picked good Brody. That shocked Dominguez.

“You wouldn’t want bad Brody to coach against the Giants?”

Weird. And to think Fox 1 Sports is worried about making a dent in SportsCenter’s stranglehold on the market.

For your own comparison here’s a picture of Brody on Homeland

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