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Jason Garrett: It isn’t all on Tony Romo’s shoulders

The Dallas Cowboys have been incredibly mediocre since dominating in the early 1990′s. They have only won 1 playoff game in the Tony Romo era, but head coach Jason Garrett says it can’t all be put on Tony Romo.

“I think teams win ‘win or go home’ games. I think teams win playoff games. I think teams win championships,” Garrett said in an interview on SportsCenter, via Pro Football Talk. “Certainly the quarterback has a big role in having a really good football team, a championship football team. Tony’s done a great job helping us get into some of those games, helping us get an opportunity to win the division, to go to the playoffs, and sometimes it hasn’t worked out for our football team.”

It is a team sport and it is unfair to blame Tony Romo for all the Cowboys short comings. The other side of that coin though is that if Romo had been better in the playoffs he’d get all the praise as well.

Jason Garrett has been equally lackluster in his tenure as head coach posting two consecutive 8-8 seasons as head coach.

“That’s what we are and that’s the reality of this league. You are what you are,” Garrett said.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stripped Garrett of offensive play calling duties so he could focus on the whole team.

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