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Peter King on Jared Cook: Have "not seen a better offensive weapon"

Peter King has been touring the NFL Training Camps this summer and sharing his observations on his Monday Morning quarterback column. He traveled to the St. Louis Rams camp and was impressed by rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin, but even more impressed by tight end Jared Cook.

Peter King of the Monday Morning Quarterback:

Three times in a five-play span in red-zone seven-on-seven drills, Bradford found Jared Cook, with a catch radius as wide as Jeremy Shockey’s used to be (and that’s a good thing), at the goal line; it’s like the defense knew what was coming and just couldn’t stop it. The Rams don’t know quite why Cook caught only 44 balls for Tennessee in his free-agency walk year, but they’re happy he was a free agent, and that he walked. What an afternoon he had in the St. Louis sauna, and how happy Bradford looked to have an offensive weapon in the middle of the field. I have not seen a better offensive weapon in all the practices I’ve seen on this training camp tour than I saw in the athletic and imposing Cook on this afternoon.

That is good news for the St. Louis Rams and better news for Sam Bradford who has been without some of the offensive weapons other quarterbacks in the league have had. The down side is that the Rams play in a really tough decision and getting past 8-8 could be a challenge no matter how many weapons he has.

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