Madden 25 Demo Impressions

The official release of Madden NFL 25 is just two weeks away which means that the demo hit the digital marketplace today.

And while many a gamer are currently sinking their teeth into the demo, we here at Fansided have already been playing the demo, — on Xbox 360 since the PS3 version hasn’t been released yet as of writing — and are here to give you our impressions of the demo.

First thing’s first. What comes with the demo? Players get to choose between a game between Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

The games are full, five-minute quarter matchups with adjustable difficulty sliders.

The demo also comes with the Skills Trainer to allow players to get used to the new controls before starting a game.

Now that that’s out of the way, how do the modes play?

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We’ll start with the Skills Trainer. It’s a very nice touch to add to give gamers a chance to learn the new running back combo moves, among other things, before playing. I spent a good hour-plus tinkering with the trainer in order to attempt to master the moves. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

So onto the game we go.

The first thing noticed is how much smoother the gameplay flows compared to madden 13. There were a lot of robotic motions in last year’s iteration, but, for the most part, that seems to be done away with for this edition.

The biggest annoyance that I came across is that even on “All-Madden”, the gameplay is still to easy to run up the score. It took just two plays into a game for me to get a pick-six with Richard Sherman.

When on offense, receivers break away from corners trying to jam them at the line way to easy. It’ll be something that users will have to adjust the sliders for in order to counter act it.

There were no major glitch moments that I could find while playing, just small annoyances like the falling over too easy type of stuff.

Overall, the demo does exactly what it’s supposed to do: get players hyped for the release of the actual game. There was nothing that made me sour on getting it, but I’ve only played it for a few hours.

For a full video review of the demo, check out later today.


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