Photo via the Official Bobby Dale Earnhardt Facebook Page

Bobby Dale Earnhardt, grandson of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, arrested for DUI

Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the 25 year-old grandson of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, was arrested in Charleston, West Virginia for driving under the influence.

Earnhardt, an aspiring race car driver, currently races in the ARCA Truck Series.

According to TMZ, he was pulled over just before midnight when cops say that he was driving erratically.

The police department in Charleston revealed this to TMZ.

Mr. Earnhardt was pulled over for making a very wide left turn. After talking with him, our officer noticed his eyes were glassy, speech thick and slurred, smelt of alcohol.” police said. “He was asked to get out of the vehicle where he was unsteady and when asked he said he only had 2 shots of alcohol.” they continued. “The officer performed a field sobriety test and determined he was intoxicated. He was taken into custody where he took another ERIR2 test where he blew a .193.

According to Fox News, the racer spent the night in jail at the South Central Regional Jail and was released following his arraignment this morning. He was officially charged with first-offense driving under the influence, which is a misdemeanor.

Earnhardt addressed the issue himself on his Facebook page this afternoon.

I wanted to let you all know I made a terrible mistake last night drinking and driving and I am thankful nothing bad happened from my stupidity and I know It could have. I’m sorry for letting all my fans friends and family down and I hope I can make it up to each and everyone of you and in the future be a good role model.” He said. “I will continue to move forward with my racing career and I hope I continue to have your support thanks”

If convicted on the charges, Earnhardt faces up to six months in jail and a maximum of a $500 fine.

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