San Francisco Giants stadium has hidden bowling alley, game room, bar in Gotham Club

Winning of two of the last three World Series’ can buy you a lot of nice things, including a hidden bowling alley.

That’s exactly what can be found on the suite level of AT&T Park, home to the San Francisco Giants.

The ultra-exclusive “Gotham Club” as it’s being called is one of three new additions that the Giants plan to implement over the course of the next year.

Each of the ‘Gotham’ themed areas (which is a tribute to the Giants’ New York history) is ‘hidden’ to most, including the already in use Gotham Bullpen. Both the Gotham Club and Gotham Clubhouse are set to join the bullpen in the very near future.

So who gets access to the swanky digs? Well, you either need to be a longtime season ticket holder who is a member of a premium club the Giants offer (read: very, very, expensive) or you need to be a former player. So yeah, off limits.

And what will you find inside?!

The bowling alley soft launched on Friday and it is part of what the team is calling “The Gotham Club.” In addition to the bowling alley, there’s a bar, pool tables, and game room. If you’re roaming the ballpark, don’t bother trying to find it. It’s behind an obscurely marked door and well guarded.

The ‘club’ is so exclusive that media has attempted to request access to take video and pictures, but they’ve all been declined. However, Field of Teams was able to grab a few looks thanks to members who submitted some sneaky shots.

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