Detroit Pistons unveil alternate "Motor City" uniforms

Every team has a third or alternate jersey/uniform. Sometimes they’re done tastefully, sometimes they’re hideous it could go either way. These kits would fall in the tasteful category however Detroit played it really, really safe. They look just like their normal jerseys except with “Motor City” across the chest.

When you say Motor City — no matter where you are in the world — everyone knows you are talking about Detroit,” Dennis Mannion, CEO of Palace Sports & Entertainment and the Pistons, said in a released statement, via the Detroit Free Press. “We are proud to represent Detroit and hope these uniforms will serve as a source of pride for our fans and this region.”

It is a part of their new “Motor City Sundays” at the Palace promotion. The jerseys will only be available in a few select players: Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups and Brandon Jennings.

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