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J.J. Watt wants to create the 20-20-20 club

Have you heard of the 40/40 club? In baseball you’re a member once you hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a single season. Only 4 players in Major League Baseball have accomplished the feat.

Houston Texan’s defensive end J.J. Watt wants to create the 20/20/20 club.

“My goal is I want to create the 20-20-20 club: 20 sacks, 20 tackles for loss, 20 batted balls,” Watt said in an interview with Pete Prisco of “I was close last year but didn’t make it. Nobody has ever gotten close to that. It’s like the football triple crown. That’s what I am going for. Last year, I led in every category [Watt had 20.5 sacks, 23.5 tackles for loss and 16 batted balls], but I didn’t get the 20-20-20. That’s my goal this year.”

That’d be a pretty incredible goal considering there are only 16 games a season, and you’d be close to if not breaking records in at least two of those categories.

Watt surpasses his 2012 sacks goal though.

“It wasn’t quite 20. I think it was 17. That’s not the only one. I had goals for tackles for loss, batted balls, being Defensive MVP and Super Bowl. I reached every single goal except for the Super Bowl. And I was a little frustrated that there were plays I left on the field. I wanted the record, obviously.”

He also wants to be break the offensive players stranglehold on the MVP award.

” want to be the defensive player to break the MVP barrier. I want to break barriers. I want to do things when people tell me I can’t. A lot of people told me 3-4 defensive ends don’t make plays. I went out to destroy that mindset. I like when people say I can’t.”

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