Little League World Series 2013 live stream: How to watch online

With the 2013 Little League World Series kicking off, there are plenty of games ahead with sixteen teams competing for the championship. With all of the games on the schedule, it can be confusing to keep up with all of the action, but luckily we have compiled all of the information in one place so that you know when and where to watch the kids play.

How can you catch all of the action from the Little League World Series? Here is all the information you will need to know, including how to watch every game online:

Dates: Thursday, August 15 through Sunday, August 25
Location: South Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Venues: Lamade/Volunteer Stadiums
Live Stream:  ESPN 3 and WatchESPN app

Here is the complete schedule for the 2013 Little League World Series, via

Game Date Matchup Time (ET) Field TV
1 Thurs., Aug. 15 Latin America vs. Carribean 1 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
2 Thurs., Aug. 15 Southwest vs. Northwest 3 p.m. Lamade ESPN
3 Thurs., Aug. 15 Australia vs. Mexico 5 p.m. Volunteer ESPN2
4 Thurs., Aug. 15 Southeast vs. New England 7 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
5 Fri., Aug. 16 Asia-Pacific vs. Canada 1 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
6 Fri., Aug. 16 West vs. Great Lakes 3 p.m. Lamade ESPN
7 Fri., Aug. 16 Japan vs. Europe-Africa 5 p.m. Volunteer ESPN2
8 Fri., Aug. 16 Mid-Atlantic vs. Midwest 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN
9 Sat., Aug. 17 Loser G1 vs. Loser G3 12 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
10 Sat., Aug. 17 Loser G2 vs. Loser G4 3 p.m. Lamade ABC
11 Sat., Aug. 17 Loser G5 vs. Loser G7 6 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
12 Sat., Aug. 17 Loser G6 vs. Loser G8 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN
13 Sun., Aug. 18 Winner G1 vs. Winner G3 12 p.m. Volunteer ESPN2
14 Sun., Aug. 18 Winner G2 vs. Winner G4 2 p.m. Lamade ABC
15 Sun., Aug. 18 Winner G6 vs. Winner G8 5 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
16 Sun., Aug. 18 Winner G5 vs. Winner G7 7 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
A Mon., Aug. 19 Loser of G9 vs. Loser G10 12 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
17 Mon., Aug. 19 Loser G16 vs. Winner G9 2 p.m. Volunteer ESPN
18 Mon., Aug. 19 Loser G15 vs. Winner G10 4 p.m. Lamade ESPN
19 Mon., Aug. 19 Loser G13 vs. Winner G11 6 p.m. Volunteer ESPN2
20 Mon., Aug. 19 Loser G14 vs. Winner G12 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
B Tues., Aug. 20 Loser G11 vs. Loser G12 1 p.m. Lamade ESPN
21 Tues., Aug. 20 Winner G17 vs. Winner G19 4 p.m. Lamade ESPN
22 Tues., Aug. 20 Winner G18 vs. Winner G20 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
23 Wed., Aug. 21 Winner G13 vs. Winner G16 4 p.m. Lamade ESPN
24 Wed., Aug. 21 Winner G14 vs. Winner G15 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN
25 Thurs., Aug. 22 Winner G21 vs. Loser G23 4 p.m. Lamade ESPN
26 Thurs., Aug. 22 Winner G22 vs. Loser G24 8 p.m. Lamade ESPN2
27 International Championship 12:30 p.m. Lamade ABC
28 U.S. Championship 3:30 p.m. Lamade ABC
29 Third Place Game 11 a.m. Lamade ESPN
30 World Series Championship 3 p.m. Lamade ABC

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