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Tony Romo remains optimistic about Dallas Cowboys' red-zone offense

The Dallas Cowboys first team offense struggled to find the end zone in last week’s preseason game against the Oakland Raiders despite being in the red zone twice. Quarterback Tony Romo isn’t worried and says it will come and hints that it might be because the Cowboys don’t want to tip their hand.

“You’ll see hopefully once we open it up, and we get to that point,” Romo said, via Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We’re not going to do that [in the preseason]. There’s no reason for us to now. Obviously, we want to score a lot of touchdowns in the preseason, get in there. We want to do it the right way, though, as well.”

Head coach Jason Garrett had a different explanation for the lack of production in the red zone.

“You’re always trying to make every part of your offense and defense better, so we keep looking at it,” Garrett said. “The biggest thing for us is simply execution down there. The other night in the game, we had a couple of penalties before the snap; we had a penalty after the snap that put us in a bad down and distance situation, and when you do that, it’s hard to be effective, and that was one of the issues we had last year. You’re always trying to upgrade, always trying to see if you can use players differently or schemes that can help you, all of that stuff. We’ll continue to do that, but we just have to execute better, do the simple, basic things that good football teams do, and we’ll have a chance to be better down there.”

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