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Charles Woodson doesn’t understand criticism of Aaron Rodgers

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver has spent the majority of his offseason trying to fit in as many jabs as possible at his former team, specifically quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It even prompted his new coach to ask him to tone it down, which he didn’t really. Former Packers wide receiver Donald Driver tried to explain where Jennings was coming from in a more polite manner.

“It might be a receiver thing,” Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson said with a laugh, via Jason Wilde of

Woodson though is just as confused as where all this criticism towards a Super Bowl champion and league MVP is coming from.

“I’m not sure where all this stuff is coming from,” Woodson said. “I just don’t understand.. . . I think A-Rod would consider these guys his friends, so for stuff like this to be coming out about him now that the guys are gone, it’s got to be hurtful to him because what are they talking about, to question his leadership ability, his leadership skills? The guy is one of the best players in the NFL, and I think he does a great job as far as leading them into battle.”

“I’m not sure where the attacks – and believe me, they are not warranted, for sure – I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

Rodgers hasn’t played into the game or battle of words.

“I just think the best thing that A-Rod does, he’s been able to keep a lot of things from getting to him,” Woodson said. “The way he came in following a legend and handled those pressures, his ability to be a steady guy throughout that time and then going out and performing at the level he performed, that shows leadership. And he’s continued to get better. Every player should look at him and say, ‘Here’s a guy who’s really on top of the world, and he’s trying to get better. That’s what I think is so hard to understand about what [Jennings and Driver] said.”

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    Finally someone speaks up and made sense. Thanks Charles.