Aug 15, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Matt Blanchard (4) during the second half against the San Diego Chargers at Soldier Field. Chicago won 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears quarterback Matt Blanchard fractures knuckle

Last night’s game between my Chicago Bears (Daaa Bears) and the San Diego Chargers was pretty entertaining for a pre-season game.

The offense started off a bit slow, allowing Cutler to go down a few times early on in the game. But as soon as the first quarter went on, Cutler and the offensive line settled in and plays were being completed. Although the defense gave up some big plays, they still created turnovers.

One thing I really had to pay attention to, was how our back up quarterbacks were playing. Josh McCown didn’t do so bad, the one I was waiting to watch was Matt Blanchard. Everything looked alright until I looked away from the TV for a few minutes, to come back and McCown was back in the game. I was a bit confused, wondering if Blanchard’s performance was that bad, they had to put the veteran back in the game.

Now according to ESPN Chicago, Blanchard actually fractured a knuckle in his left hand. It’s his non throwing hard but it definitely puts a dent in this roster. Head coach Marc Trestman has hinted that the team will sign another quarterback as the team would like to carry three during the season, especially if Cutler gets hurt.

The Bears worked out Trent Edwards, JaMarcus Russell and Jordan Palmer earlier this summer, but decided not to sign either one of them. Well, now that Blanchard is out and there is no time table for his return, one of those quarterbacks could actually be inked to a contract.

Now, which quarterback should they sign? Well, you look at Edwards, a veteran who spent most of his time in Buffalo. He’s played in 38 games, throwing for six thousand yards with 26/30 touchdowns/interceptions. Not great numbers but they are better than Palmers.

Jordan Palmer, the brother of Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer, only has a career total of 59 passing yards. He has been in the league for about four years, drafted by the Washington Redskins, he took up roster space for the Bengals, Raiders and Jaguars. Not a lot of experience in the NFL so he could be out as an option.

The other quarterback on the radar is last but not least, JaMarcus Russell. The man who is trying to make a comeback in this league, could very well get it now that Blanchard is hurt and the Bears are looking for a fill in.

Veteran quarterback Jeff Garcia put Russell through a workout to get him ready for the league again. Russell used to weigh around 300+ pounds, sits at around 250-260 right now. The 28 year old quarterback could possibly be brought in again with Trent Edwards for a work out to see who will get the contract.

Call me crazy, but if I were to choose between Russell and Edwards, I’ll take the guy who is determined to make a come back in the NFL.

And I asked Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton about the reaction on the sidelines after rookie linebacker Jon Bostics hit, his reply was:


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