Chris Hansen gave $100,000 to Sacramento group opposing new Kings arena

Chris Hansen

Photo from Flickr/Ronald Woan

Not much has been in the national news since it was decided the Sacramento Kings would stay where they’re at after being sold and a new arena was in the works. A protest group based in the city, called “STOP,” has been trying to keep it from being built, and received a mysterious $100,000 donation back in June.

It was revealed today that the mystery man was Chris Hansen, the Seattle investor that was pushing for the franchise to move to the city.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Amid a lawsuit and a state investigation, Hansen and an Orange County political action committee filed documents revealing Hansen contributed $100,000 to the petition drive on June 21 – a month after the NBA board of governors vetoed his plan to buy the Kings and move them to Seattle.

Hansen apologized for the donation on Friday and said he wouldn’t give the anti-arena effort any more money.

“STOP” is an acronym for “Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork.” The group received the donation illegally because it came a few weeks late according to California law.

The report gives out the progress for “STOP,” which has collected approximately 1,600 signatures, which is over 20,000 short for a vote to be made on the stadium next June. The deadline for signatures is in December.

This latest incident between Hansen and the anti-arena group likely ends any potential that the Kings could move to a different city.

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  • Sonics Conspiracy

    Well…there goes our chances for expansion. Thanks Chris!

  • JohnMarcotte

    Hey Brian,

    A few things.

    1. The donation did not “come two weeks late.” The issue was that Hansen did not disclose that he was the donor. He was two weeks late disclosing that he made the donation as required by state law. In fact, only the threat of a lawsuit got him to confess he had done it.

    2. STOP, who I am not a fan of, actually said they are more than halfway to the 22,000 signatures they need. That means that more than 11,000 signatures have been collected.

    Now that Hansen has been unmasked, I have heard that anywhere from 1,100 to 5,000 people have contacted STOP to remove their name from the petition, so those numbers are a bit fluid — but you’re off.

    I hope you take this in the right way. I just know you want your information to be accurate.

    • Brian Spaen

      Thanks for the clarification on the donation, I should have worded that better. As far as how along STOP is to their signatures, I got that information from the source when writing the piece.