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Paul Bissonnette posts troll's arrest record

Social media trolls some times try to incite a response out of celebrities whether it be musicians or athletes. Sometimes they get a response. A Pittsburgh man named Matt Hogue had been pestering Phoenix Coyotes tough guy Paul Bissonnette.

He tweeted Bissonnette dozens of time over a span of a few hours. Matt Hogue has since deleted his Twitter account but Deadspin recovered a few via a Topsy search.

The ones Deadspin shared are:

“dude is old dog dirt on my shoe”

“I had that fish in your Moms…”

“still rocking the porn stache and little boy shorts?”

“Did you have roids with your slop tonight?”

“Is that nose as big in person? I bet you could fill up a sewer with that nose scum of yours.”

“your Mom met your dad there on a conjugal visit with her Uncle”

“My boy just texted me asking why I’m wasting my time with some janitor like you. Back to the slop bucket for you.”

Unfortunately for Hogue, Bissonnette fights on the ice and off the ice.

At first, Hogue was excited that Bissonnette responded tweeting this, what Deadspin calls his last tweet:

Holy f— my Twitter is blowing up because @BizNasty2point0 retweeted me.

Bissonnette wasn’t done yet.

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