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Almost every FOX Twitter account responds to Bill Simmons

First of all, hats off to Deadspin for finding this hilarious story. We’re used to social media managers accidentally tweeting something under accounts they manage instead of their personal accounts or getting blamed for social media mishaps by companies and celebrities. This however could be a new and improved hilarious mix up by a social media manager.

Other possibilities are that it is a really bad attempt to troll Bill Simmons for tweeting anti-FOX sentiments or FOX just really wanted to get his attention so that he could rescind his comments or, as Deadspin suggested, “they really wanted him to watch the game.”

It starts with Bill Simmons tweeting out that he was upset that the Boston Red Sox game against the Yankees was blacked out  by FOX in California.

Then it seems like EVERY FOX twitter account responded to Bill Simmons to correct him.

Bill Simmons took it in stride and thanked only one lucky FOX Twitter account for not blacking out the game.

Oddly however, the station carrying the game FOX 11 in Los Angeles didn’t tweet Bill Simmons or get thanked for carrying the game.

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  • Mc Benn

    Wow! Fox are really petty aren’t they?? That’s hilarious, I bet Bill had a great laugh at the idiotic Fox employee using all of those accounts to copy and paste his tweet… Bill has more credibility in his right earlobe than ANY Fox employed moron!!! and if anyone doubted Bill’s humility; just take a look at his responce! he could have blown up at Fox for acting like a spoilt brat about his comments, instead he admitted he made teh error and didnt remark on the preciousness and pettyness of Fox at all.. great work Bill, he is the benchmark fo all sports journilism in America…