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Greg Schiano says Mike Glennon is picking it up

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the New England Patriots 25-21 in a Friday’s preseason game. Despite that there was perhaps a bright spot, rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. The young quarterback threw two touchdown passes and looked solid against New England’s new defense.

“He’s picking it up,” coach Greg Schiano said, via the Buccaneers’ official website. “It’s hard for a rookie; it’s a lot of stuff and exponentially when you put a defense like New England’s that does a lot of stuff — it’s 3-4 and it’s 4-3; it can kind of get on you. He didn’t get a lot of plays in practice. That was by the plan. He got some, but Josh was going to get most of the practice and Mike was going to get most of the game and that was the way we wanted to do it.”

The Tampa Bay quarterbacks faced pressure all night, Josh Freeman was sacked three different times and Glennon was knocked to the turf in his first series.

“He got crocked one time,” Schiano said, “and I was anxious to see how he got up; and he caught one right between the numbers and popped up.”

They haven’t declared it a quarterback competition, but Glennon could steal the job away from Freeman.

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