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John Fox on preseason blow out: "It's all a big whoop"

The Denver Broncos got blown out by the Seattle Seahawks in thee second week of preseason games. Peyton Manning already said that Wes Welker and himself need to work on their chemistry and get more reps.

“It’s all a big whoop because you’re there to compete,” Fox said, via the Denver Post. “There were some positives, some multi-play drives that ate up clock and yardage. Unfortunately we didn’t get the results as far as scores.”

The Super Bowl favorites according to Vegas have a lot of work to do.

“I don’t know who makes those predictions and what weight those really carry,” Manning said.

He acknowledged that the Broncos had a lot of work to do.

“But we have a lot of things we need to fix and correct. I do think there are things that are correctable. But we have to do it,” Manning said. “We can’t keep saying we’re going to correct it, we’ve got to go out and do it.”

“We need to get a few guys who have been injured back on the field. I’ve talked before about forming our identity and forming our chemistry on this team. We haven’t had all of our players at full speed and hopefully that can start this week.”

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