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Ballgirl and third baseman fight for foul ball during San Francisco Giants game (GIF)

Aug 10, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants shortstop Joaquin Arias (13) in the dugout during the sixth inning against the Baltimore Orioles at AT

When you’re trusted by a major league team to be a ballgirl or ballguy down the first and third base lines, they assume you know the standard operating rules.

Don’t touch the ball if it’s fair. If you’re not sure if the ball is fair or foul, play it safe and let it go by. The nice man in left or right field will go pick the ball up once it bounces over their way.

It’s a simple concept that so many struggle with. But last night during the San Francisco Giants game, the struggle was taken to a new level.

While I’ve seen many find difficulty in judging the fairness of a ground ball, I’ve never seen a ballguy or ballgirl actively fight for a foul popup which is exactly what took place last evening in San Francisco.

As Stephen Drew was batting for the Red Sox, he hit a mile high pop-up that was making its way towards the third base seats. Giants infielder Joaquin Arias ran over to settle under it but he had company – the ballgirl.

Thankfully for the Giants, Arias was able to fight through the interference and came away with the catch. Even had he not, it was the ninth inning in a blowout, but can you imagine if that had been a 1-1 game and he dropped it?

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