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Green Bay Packers says Jermichael Finley is having his finest training camp

The Green Bay Packers lost a weapon when Greg Jennings went to the Minnesota Vikings. That could have their offense relying heavily on tight end Jermichael Finley and he has been impressing in training camp.

“He’s having his finest training camp, I think it’s clear-cut,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

This has been a trend they’ve witnessed through out all of the offseason, not just camp.

“It’s not just this camp, the whole spring,” offensive coordinator Tom Clements said. “He’s been outstanding. He’s been working hard. I think he’s improved his blocking tremendously. He’s become a more detailed route runner. He’s finishing plays.”

Finley has been working hard in practice, taking short passes and running 50 yards to the end zone.

“It showed up in the game,” Clements said. “He caught some short routes and got big gains off of them. He’s practicing well and he’s playing well.”

Finley has also put on 10 pounds and his increase in strength has helped him become a better blocker.

“We’re asking him to do the dirty work again that he wasn’t asked to do as much the last two years and I think he’s doing a good job of it,” McCarthy said.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is pleased as well.

“I think a guy like Jermichael Finley’s had an excellent camp,” said Rodgers last week. “It’s fun to watch him make some of the plays that he wasn’t making three or four years ago as far as being able to read a defense quickly and diagnosis it and get into his route. He’s been very consistent for us.”

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