Feb 08, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Argentina player Matias Moroni scores a try against Wales during a sevens rugby match during the 2013 IRB HSBC Sevens World Series at Sam Boyd Stadium. South Wales defeated Argentina 17-7. Mandatory Credit: Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports

Rugby player crushes opponent (Video)

Rugby is supposedly “American Football” for real men, no pads but still big hits. Having watched my friends play rugby a lot in high school and being convinced to practice with them a few times I can tell you that it is a physically strenuous sport and there are hits that hurt. The difference being is that they hit in different way than football players, and they absorb the hit differently than football players. In part due to the lack of helmet and padding.

This hit however looks like a NFL form tackle.

Hugh Lawes is a 6’7”, 260-pound Northampton behemoth of a man and he is seen laying out an opponent in the video below.The player identified as Mike Le Bourgeois of Bedford is holding on to the ball to the very last second, unwisely might I add. Lawes comes in and delivers a bone jarring hit that would problem have the NFL passing down all sorts of fines.

Le Bourgeois is just left to roll in the grass as he figures out what happened and why he didn’t play soccer like his mother insisted.

Bleacher Report

YouTuber TheSaintsTV wrote this in the about section of the video:

If Courtney and Samu are continuing their big hit competition in 2013/14, the big American already has some catching up to do after this Lawes Special™ at Goldington Road on Friday evening.

Kids, when coaches talk about line speed, this is what they mean!!

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