Jan 20, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; A general view of a San Francisco 49ers helmet prior to the NFC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Collie, Colt McCoy unlikely to make San Francisco 49ers roster

The San Francisco 49ers are somewhat desperate for a backup quarterback and wide receiver help, so it doesn’t say much for Austin Collie or Colt McCoy that the 49ers have apparently put both on the bubble as it pertains to their roster spots.

According to CSN Bay Area, both Collie (WR) and McCoy (QB) could be on the outside looking in, despite the Niners’ uncertainty at both positions.

Per Matt Maiocco:

Quarterbacks (3): Colin Kaepernick, Seneca Wallace, B.J. Daniels
Behind Kaepernick, nobody is 100-percent safe. Colt McCoy’s athleticism is a plus, but he has struggled in the first two games. Scott Tolzien has practice squad eligibility, so the 49ers can keep him around. With another impressive exhibition game, Daniels will leave the 49ers no option but to keep him. The addition of Wallace indicates the 49ers do not feel secure with either of the veteran options.

Wide receivers (5): Anquan Boldin, Kyle Williams, Jon Baldwin, Marlon Moore, Quinton Patton
The 49ers could keep six wide receivers. In that case, Chad Hall, Austin Collie, Lavelle Hawkins and special-teamer Kassim Osgood are in play. But a sixth wide receiver will have a difficult time suiting up for games, anyway. Plus, the 49ers expect Mario Manningham back at midseason and Michael Crabtree a little later.

McCoy has been the most disappointing of the quarterbacks in camp so it doesn’t come as a big shock that he might be cut, especially after the 49ers signed Seneca Wallace yesterday.

As for Collie, the Northern California native looked solid during his first few practices with the 49ers though hasn’t shown much during game action. Given his injury history and iffy play, it’s possible the Niners may want to go with a more stable option.

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    what receivers should the 49ers keep

  • loverpoint

    The trading for Colt McCoy and launching him into the #2 spot was so bizarre. And what is even more bizarre is the bringing in of Seneca Wallace. These 2 were brought to the 49ers as a smoke screen to make Scott Tolzien look better than the 3rd string QB that he really is. Lets not forget although McCoy threw an INT against KC. Tolzien almost threw 2 easy INT’s that were dropped.

    BJ Daniels has looked better than any of them. #1 Kaepernick, #2 Daniels, #3 Tolzien. There are a couple of reasons the 49ers will probably not get rid of Tolzien. 1) He is the good friend of the QB coach Geep Chryst. 2) He knows the playbook to well, he won’t go until the 49ers get a new Offensive Coordinator who has his own playbook. Many people that follow the 49ers were actually surprised that Tolzien made the roster last season. Josh Johnson did a much better job than Tolzien last year in training camp and the preseason games each played in.

  • Akaash Sharma

    Couple of things:

    1) What has Marlon Moore done so far that has given him a starting spot opposite of Boldin in preseason and seems to guarantee him a roster spot for the regular season??? I know he’s a good Special Teams guy but still I don’t understand how he’s kinda getting a free pass with the 49ers.

    2) Gotta wait and see BJ Daniels play against atleast some 2nd string defense before I can appoint him the #2 backup QB spot. I know he looked great against KC but that was against 3rd string defense, guys who probably won’t make the KC roster.

    3) Why are the 49ers letting go of Austin Collie when he’s so injury prone when we have another slot WR who seems to be just as injury prone as Collie has been throughout his career, named Kyle Williams? Is it cause he already knows the 49ers system so Harbaugh will take a risk on Williams while Collie is still learning so might as well cut him out of these 2 injury prone slot guys?

    4) Why did we have to let go of Ricardo Lockette to sign Seneca Wallace? Why not let go of Ventrone instead?

    5) Why did we even get Seneca Wallace??? Honestly to me the QB depth chart should be #1 Kap #2 Daniels #3 McCoy

  • Ty Kampen

    The “iffy play” of Collie? What does that mean? Collie was one of the top slot receivers of the game prior to his injuries last year. He’s now had a year to fully heal and is chomping at the bit. His skills haven’t diminished. As the most trusted 3rd down receiver of Peyton Manning a couple years ago, not sure how his play is “iffy”. The young guys can use someone with as good a knowledge of the game and route running as A. Collie.

    And his injury “history” is 3 concussions and one knee injury that wasn’t even an ACL. Seriously, how many active players do you think have 1 or more concussions that just never got reported, etc. The media have blown his injury “history” out of proportion.

  • Mach

    Austin Collie executes the most important fundamental aspects of a great receiver. Upon a catch Collie positions his hands for TAKING the ball out of the air rather than waiting and just ‘receiving’ the football. From the line of scrimmage, Collie is a ‘receiver’ exploding off the line, making his cuts in his great route running capabilities and getting open. But… as soon as the ball is released by the quarterback, Collie becomes a DB with the only intend of GOING TO GET THE FOOTBALL. Executing this ‘doing anything to catch the football’ mindset is why Collie catches any football thrown in his vicinity. Looking for an open receiver that will catch the ball in a do-or-die situation? Austin Collie is your man… just ask Peyton.