Former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher says Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson ended his career

Dec. 23, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: Chicago Bears injured linebacker Brian Urlacher prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chicago Bears linebacker (and now current analyst for Fox Sports One) Brian Urlacher is quite the opinionated fellow, recently suggesting that he’d be mad if his former team ended up winning a Super Bowl.

Granted, that was a bit tongue and cheek, though, his most recent comments directed towards Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson aren’t as friendly.

The Pro Bowl linebacker told Fox Sports (via CBS) that it was Wilson who ended Urlacher’s career prematurely:

During an interview with Wilson on Wednesday, Urlacher credited — or blamed, depending on your point of view — the second-year quarterback for ending his 13-year career.

“Russell, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but you ended my career basically last year on that third down in overtime,” Urlacher said, via “You were rolling out, I was trying to chase you. Trying to chase you down I popped my hamstring and missed the last four games of the season. You ended it.”

Um, what type of logic is that?

So he was doing his job – you were doing your job. You were injured in a non-contact play yet it’s his fault?

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  • Kevin Bilbro

    Well, Brian, had you been SMART enough to wear condoms, you wouldn’t have several kids born out of wedlock

    • Wyatt Converse

      WTF?!?!? Thats what you had to say?!?! Damn, for about 2 seconds, Urlacher was the biggest idiot I had hear of today, thanks for keeping things updated! lol

    • skeletony

      WTF does “wedlock” have to do with the price of beans in China?! Granted having several kids is bad for the globe, whether it be a married couple or not, because of overpopulation being what it is. But tacking the silly “Out of wedlock” bit to the end makes your post look like irrational religious nonsense.

      • Kevin Bilbro

        The point was that Brian’s comment blaming Wilson for his injury is just as stupid as the comment I made. Wilson didn’t cause urlachers injury, urlacher caused his own injury by thinking he could run after Wilson and catch him.

        BTW I’m anti-religion.

        • skeletony

          Except that Urlacher did not really say that. Again, you have to take context into consideration and understand that Urlacher was JOKING with Wilson. This is a pretty easy thing to understand if you just think critically about it for a minute and not presume the author of this article above has greater than a double digit IQ or any future as a writer.

      • disqus_AU0uzBZInr

        So off yourself and help the planet heal!

        • skeletony

          ?! I take it you did not read any of this and posted your comment to the wrong thread? Because it makes no sense otherwise.

      • jack_sprat2

        Ooh! Dawkins and Earth First in one package. What a catch, girls! Come and get him!

  • skeletony

    Um…somebody (*Cough*BryanRose*cough*) is having difficulty distinguishing a humorous quip from a personal attack. Seriously kiddo, do you really think Urlacher was seriously BLAMING RW for running away from him?! You are making Seattle look idiotic.

    • EqualOpportunityCynic

      After explicitly granting that Urlacher was joking with his previous comment. That’s what makes the article so great: explicitly pointing out Urlacher’s dry sense of humor in one breath and totally ignoring it in the next.

      • ThePrufessa

        exactlay. he said the comment about the bears winning without him was tongue in cheek, then takes this comment about wilson ending his career seriously? how do you do that? what a dumb journalist.

        • nyyankeefanforever

          Journalist? Where?

    • Daddy Love

      That’s what I thought the first time he said it. THen he said it three more times.

      • skeletony

        Yeah it is amazing how often people over-appreciate their own jokes.

        • HammerSix

          I know, right?

        • HammerSix

          … I know, right?

        • HammerSix

          ….I know, right?

    • Hutch

      I think there is a shred of truth/non joking aspect to what BU was saying as well: I am getting to old for the game. And, it is good that BU acknowledged this before he embarrassed himself on the field. BU, you were great, and I look forward to seeing you in the HOF (Steeler fan here as well)

      • skeletony

        Except there is not (at least as far as blame directed at Russel Wilson is concerned). He was on Fox Sports proclaiming the greatness of Russel Wilson and the Seahawks (predicting the Hawks to win the Super Bowl even), which pretty much destroys the silly drama that the author above tried to foist onto everyone.

  • danajack802

    Bryan R

    What a silly response to what Brian U had to say. He was not in the least expressing any hostility to Wilson but rather a form of admiration, if anything.

  • Liberal Lies presented by LZ

    Of course he’ll never blame Lovie for anything but Lovie was directly responsible for what happened to him in the 2013 calendar year. The defense was on the field for 30 minutes with only the break between the 4th and OT. Once the Seahawks crossed the 50, Lovie should have used one (if not both) of his timeouts to give the defense a chance to rest. His hamstring popped for three reasons: Fatigue which could have been mitigated by Lovie using his timeouts while on Defense. Overcompensation due to his knee injury…which came from a wreckless Major Wright hit in a meaningless game. before which Lovie used the dumbest excuse possible (1-0 in 2012) for playing slightly banged up players. Brian himself for either not putting it upon himself as the defensive captain to call those timeouts or not listening to his body and going to the sidelines on 3rd downs (Roach and Briggs would have been better in their 3rd down package considering Brain’s sitution.)

    In the end Lovie got a pink slip which he wouldn’t have received if he had Urlacher down the stretch (worth at least one more win.) As a Season Ticket Holder for the Bears, the organization raised prices and unlike the past, gave no excuse for it. If you look at the increase and how much money it generates, you end up with a figure roughly around the monetary value of the extension into 2013. An extension which the Bears gave him when he didn’t have any leverage to request one. After he chose to sit on his dead a** and take my money rather than taking a coordinator job, I am hopeful he fails at every football job he has in the future.

    Conversely, I think Brian does one hell of a job on FOX1. Hopefully Strahan will tire of working 6 days a week and leave FOX. Urlacher would be great on Sunday mornings. I have a feeling that he’s being groomed for that. (If not, why wouldn’t he have accepted the ESPN offer?) With Jimmy and Terry getting up there in age, the show would still have that great back and forth if Brian took Terry’s place and Favre was brought in on the same kind of fly-in/fly-out deal which brought Jimmy back from Miami.

  • Benjamin Ramm

    How does Rose jump from causation to fault? Wilson may have CAUSED the end of Urlacher’s career, but Urlacher does not suggest Wilson WRONGFULLY caused the end of Urlacher’s career. Urlacher is talking about causation. He’s not condemning Wilson.

    Many NFL players end their careers because another player exposes their weaknesses by being faster, stronger, bigger, or quicker. Isn’t that the nature of competition? Most of the time, the credit gets spread around to, for example, all of the defensive linemen who could gang tackle Shawn Alexander behind the line of scrimmage at the end of his career. In this case, the exposure was dramatic and obvious. Having to chase Wilson exposed the fragility of Urlacher’s aging body. If not for that one play, Urlacher might have said, “it was all those mediocre running backs who could get an extra 2-4 yards per carry on me that ended my career.”

    More to the point, it seems Urlacher was telling a joke on himself. He seems to be saying, “I was getting so old I couldn’t chase the younger guys anymore without hurting myself. I can play against quarterbacks who stand in the pocket, but not those who run.”

    It’s the decay of age exposed by youth — the end to many, many great athletic careers. Duh.

    • skeletony

      Exactly! This is painfully more obvious with Urlacher’s contribution to the “Fox Football Daily” show a week or so ago.

  • skeletony

    ROTFLMAO! On the “Fox Football Daily” opening episode a week ago, Brain Urlacher was one of two persons on the panel who predicted that the Seattle Seahawks would win the super bowl. His reasoning stated that Russel Wilson and the entire team were just too good.
    I bring this up here because it is the nail in the coffin of the stupid article above and some of the below comments. AS I said in the beginning Urlacher is a Wilson fan and was attempting to give a comical nod of appreciation to Russel Wilson that Bryan Rose above took out of context.

  • Don417

    Clearly he’s being sarcastic and not the least bit serious. The author has no clue. jeeeeze.

  • augustinovac

    This author ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • Carson Lane

      And that’s being kind.

  • Eric Hancock

    Who the hell writes this garbage? Clearly Urlacher was joking… or even if that incident DID actually end his career, I’m pretty certain he doesn’t ‘blame’ Wilson.

  • urlacker

    what a pussy maybe he should be more like clay matthews and play with a broken leg…fucking faggot bears

  • Brad Hise

    Another hack journalist who is clueless

  • Brian Allan Cobb

    How’d this guy get a blog?

  • HammerSix

    This is a sideways and humorous show of respect to Russell Wilson. Kinda like saying, “Russell you were just too fast for this old guy to catch you that I just kept running straight to the locker room and turned in my gear for the rest of my career.”

  • jimmy

    Why is anyone surprised by the bald-headed bird brain Urlacher ?

  • FreeBigWillie

    Blaming? Get real, he is not blaming him for ending his career at all. If anything he is crediting Wilson for being elusive and a good athlete that he could not chase down or catch.

  • ThePrufessa

    so bryan rose can recognize that his comment about the bears winning a title without him as being tongue in cheek, but he can’t recognize his comment about russell wilson ending his career being a tongue in cheek comment? #idiot

  • Barry Soetoro

    bryan rose=IDIOT.

  • Sammy Z

    Umm more like, Russell Wilson ended Urlacher’s career by highlighting how past his prime he was.

  • Dan Lindner

    The title of this should be “Brian Urlacher is a whiny pussy that blames everyone else for his failures”

    • Rob Dotzler

      Let me help you here. Derp! It’s called humor, dry wit. Neither you or Bryan can seem to wrap your heads around that. It wasn’t even close to difficult to figure out.

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